Hampton, VA

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Hampton, VA

Best Engine Repair and Replacement in Hampton, VA

The highest-rated Engine Overhaul & Replacement companies out of 354 vetted & reviewed in the Hampton area.

Dr. Motorworx

Dr. Motorworx

Gasket Replacement
“I suspected I had bad engine mounts so I brought replacements and they had no problem using parts I supplied rather than making me buy the parts from them.”
In Business Since 1997
Licensed, BBB Rating: A+
Accepts Financing available
2600 Build America Dr, Hampton, VA
Virginia Motors Specialists Inc 2

Virginia Motors Specialists Inc 2

“These guys had great costumer service, decent prices and were very reasonable.”
1927 W Pembroke Ave, Hampton, VA
Class One Transport & Auto

Class One Transport & Auto

“He did repairs on my E430 after 2 other "mechanics" failed to do correctly.”
2206 Mingee Dr, Hampton, VA
Don's Motor Co

Don's Motor Co

  • Price
  • Mechanic
  • Family
“I needed to replace my windshield in order to pass inspection, and they actually called a couple of glass companies for me to see if they could find me a low price on repairing or replacing the glass.”
1320 E Pembroke Ave, Hampton, VA
Wester Service Center

Wester Service Center

  • Vehicles
“Dependant on my car can be the difference between literally the quality of life.”
400 La Salle Ave, Hampton, VA
Neighborhood Mower Repair Man

Neighborhood Mower Repair Man

“He knew exactly where to look for the problems, he explained me what the problem is and how expensive it would be to fix it, more expensive than buying another chainsaw.”
Serving Hampton Area

Engine Repair Services Estimated Cost in Hampton, VA 2022

Minimum cost
Maximum cost
National Average
Avg Per Hour Rates
Fair price range based on 207 cost profiles
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Average Cost $1908
Minimum cost $636
Maximum cost $4770
Avg Per Hour Rates $94

Typical range $1643 to $2650 is based on 207 cost profiles.

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